• The Benefits of Video Therapy: How Telehealth Can Work for You
    As the pandemic drags on, it can really take a toll on us. Physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. We’re being impacted in ways we likely have never experienced before, and the need for effective therapy is all the more essential. One of the biggest silver linings of the pandemic has been advances in the provision … Read more
  • Feeling Unmotivated? You’re Not Alone.
    As the weeks and months of coping with life amid a pandemic drag on, many of us are struggling with feeling increasingly unmotivated. Simultaneously, we feel pressure, both internal and external, to “be productive” and to “make good use of this time” whether through embarking on new workout routines or other means of self-improvement or … Read more
  • How to Help Fight Racial Injustice
    I really struggled to write this article.  In part because the issue is so massive and in part because as a white woman, I do not want to present myself as an authority on “what to do” or to come across as patronizing. Or to make anyone feel shamed or guilted if they disagree with … Read more
  • COVID-19: The Risks of Loneliness and Isolation
    We’ve been asked to make many significant sacrifices to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus. One of the greatest has been giving up our interactions and ability to socialize with each other in person on a daily or at least regular basis. I’m deeply concerned about the short- and long-term impacts of this isolation on … Read more
  • Staying Healthy in a COVID-19 World: Getting Through Times of Fear and Uncertainty
    We are all reeling from a week in which our world changed dramatically and so rapidly that we are struggling to keep up and to understand what it all means and how we should respond. This situation demands that we attend more than ever to our mental health and well-being. I offer the following in … Read more