Payment and Insurance

Important things to be aware of when deciding how you will pay for services.


This option allows you to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information. It also means that the treatment we chose, including length of time and frequency, will be determined by you and I rather than your insurance company. My standard rate is $125-150 per 50-minute session. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card at the end of each session.

If you fail to attend a scheduled session without 24-hour notce, the missed-session fee is $75.


Currently, I am in-network approved provider for Tricare and Medicare.

There are some important things you need to be aware if you would like to use your in-network benefits to cover part of the cost of therapy.

    • The confidentiality of your personal information will be limited. Insurance companies require your therapist to submit extensive personal and mental-health related information including diagnoses and session notes. This information becomes part of your permanent record over which you and your therapist have no control.
    • The insurance company will dictate how much and what type of therapy they will cover. They may decide how many times and how often you can meet with your therapist. This means that the people making decisions about what kind of care you will receive are motivated by financial rather than clinical factors.
    • The insurance company determines the goals of your therapy. This is problematic since insurance company representatives are not trained in psychology nor are they motivated to keep your best interests in mind.
    • The insurance company may require you to take medications in order to receive insurance benefits. In some cases, insurance plans will only cover medication and not therapy.
    • You may not be able to receive the treatment that is most effective for you. Some insurance plans cover only short-term treatments that are not effective for many concerns.
    • While I am able to work within these constraints, I believe the best therapy can occur only when psychologist and client are responsible for these decisions.

To avoid these limitations, you may pay out-of-pocket or use your out-of-network benefits.

Out-of-network benefits

Using your insurance out-of-network benefits has several advantages. I am able to file out-of-network claims to Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, and United Insurance Companies. Benefits include:

  • You maintain control over your confidential information and the length, type and frequency of therapy.
  • Clients generally get back 60-80% of the cost of their fees after they have met their yearly deductible.
  • I can provide you with a detailed receipt to mail to your insurance company or, if you prefer, I can file a claim to your insurance on your behalf.

Using out-of-network benefits is a good way to maintain control over your therapy and your private information. It allows me to work for you, not your insurance company, and allows me to decide on the goals and length of therapy with you.